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Originally named, Anchorage Graded and Common School, Anchorage Public School was conceived June 21, 1911. The first class began on September 20, 1911, and was held in a seminary located next to the Anchorage Presbyterian Church. The first commencement of the school was in 1914, with Whitmer Burbank as the lone graduate.

The Anchorage Parent and Teacher Association was founded on April 13, 1915. By May 1915, the building was under construction at its current location and opened that fall. There was a small basement with a dirt floor where ladies began serving hot lunches. The West Wing (closest to the soccer field) was completed in 1919, with the basement made into classrooms. 1924 saw the first production in the new auditorium.

The original gymnasium with an 8-foot balcony was added in November 1925. A new library and two new classrooms were added in 1926. In 1931 the school lost Southern Pacific Railroad as the largest taxpayer. Consequently, 35 residents signed a loan to finish the school year.

In the 1950’s, Eastern High School opened in Middletown, drawing students from the Anchorage High School because of increased opportunities available at a larger facility. The Anchorage Board of Education determined it would continue with only grades K-9.

The first learning disabilities teacher was hired in 1978. An LD/Special education/Speech Therapist was added in 1979. An administration building including four classrooms was constructed in 1982. A new cafeteria was constructed and dedicated in September 1989. The current library and gym and five classrooms were added in 1992. Six years later, a second floor was added with 10 additional classrooms.

By 1997, the Board of Education elected to eliminate the remaining 9th grade class as high school students were matriculating to private and other public high schools.