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Reach Alert

In the case of severe weather, emergency status or unexpected closings, delays and dismissals we will activate the ​REACH Alert System​ that sends school alerts via text messages, phone calls (cell or landline) and/or emails.

To register for REACH Alert, follow these steps:

  • Go to ​ and click on MY ACCOUNT ​and then select CREATE ACCOUNT ​to establish your initial account. Follow the prompts.

  • When prompted for Network Name, enter Anchorage School and click on the school name when it appears in the dropdown list.

  • When prompted for a role, select parent.

  • Be sure to select to receive “alerts”.  Individuals only registering to receive “Reminders” will not receive school closing information.

  • Upon joining the school network you may also want to click on​ JOIN ​and select the​ City of Anchorage ​network.