• As part of Board Appreciation Month in January 2023, AISD board members received student-created gifts and 'thank you' notes signed in different languages.

    The Anchorage Independent Board of Education remains dedicated to our district's long-standing tradition of excellence while overseeing the education of Anchorage Public School students and stewarding the tax dollars that fund our district.

    The school board and administration team work together to ensure the continued success of our district with our vision, mission, and core values serving as guiding principles.

    Our Board of Education is comprised of five members residing within the school district and elected by the community to four-year terms. Key responsibilities of the board include appointing the superintendent, adopting an annual budget, setting policies that provide direction for the administration, providing necessary services to pupils, addressing school safety and discipline, adopting courses of study, managing funds, and property, levying needed taxes, assessing student progress, and authorizing charter schools.


  • Hannah Barnes, Chair

  • Rosanna Gabriele, Vice-Chair

  • Wilson Greene

  • Andrew O'Brien

  • Sara Tyler

  • Agenda

  • Schedule of Meetings


Monthly Financial Reports